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In this digital world, we live with you on a unique journey towards innovation and excellence, and we are happy to accompany you on an effective marketing journey, where creativity meets great performance and success together.

We are here at DMB AGENCY, to be successful partners with you in every step you take. Our goal is to facilitate your marketing journey and provide services in a distinctive way that makes business move at an accelerated pace.

For this reason and in this space, we will clarify many points that may concern you, from studying competitors to creating effective strategies. We offer you a journey tailored to meet your needs. It is necessary for you to know the workflow mechanism, whether it concerns (study of competitors, marketing and advertising plan, Publication plan, content creation, graphic design, publishing, page and website management).

Here are details that may interest you

We ask you to read the following very carefully, as everything that will be mentioned will need to be understood well once you contract with us, so do not neglect to focus on these details.

Find out the answers before the question comes to your mind!


Once the contract is completed, you must immediately fill out the Client Reference Form, which serves as a road map that explains everything about your business to our marketing team, and then we start launching.

After filling out the client reference form, our specialized team studies the files and then begins building the following:
• Study markets and competitors.
• Effective marketing strategy for your organization.
• Determine the. Buyer Persona customized for your customers.
• Media Plan & Content Plan.
You can obtain these files 72 hours after filling out the (Customer Reference) form.

In general, a WhatsApp group is activated in the name of your company, and the people concerned with following up on your business are present in it. Through this group, you can communicate directly with the responsible person and receive and deliver all matters.
Here you must specify one person on your behalf who will be responsible for communicating with our team, and who will be responsible for all information.

Receiving urgent customer requests is through the (Customer Requests Form), which is a form designated for receiving any request in general related to the marketing process.

After receiving the request, we study what is required and determine the expected time period for completing it, but in general, requests are delivered as follows:
– Social media design: 48 hours.
-Print design: 4 to 7 days.
– Social media post: 48 hours.
– Advertising campaign: 72 hours.
– Reel montage.
– Writing an article: 48 hours.


The mentioned timings are estimated time periods to complete the requirement, but it may require a longer period of time than that if the requirement requires that. In the end, we always strive to complete the requirements before their due date in order to speed up the production process.

With the start of the contract, we deliver the publishing plan customized for your business throughout the year, and it is discussed, agreed upon, and approved to start working on it, and then on the twentieth day of the end of each month, our specialized team begins writing content based on the publishing plan.
After writing the content, an Excel file will be sent to you to approve the content. After approval, our other team begins implementing the graphic design directly, so that it will also be approved through the same file.

You should check out this video to learn how to approve monthly content and designs and provide feedback. (video link)

Regarding amendments
You can and should watch this video to learn how to approve monthly content and designs and provide feedback. (video link)

After delivering the monthly content, it must be approved by you within a maximum of 72 hours.

If we do not receive final approval on the content and design by the allotted date, approval and publication will begin on our part, and here the opportunity to provide feedback on the content or design will have ended, and therefore nothing in the content and design will be modified by us after publication and after the expiration of the specified period.

Yes, of course, there is a specific mechanism, which is to modify the design a maximum of 3 times, and after the first modification, if there is a need to modify it again, it will be necessary to provide an example similar to the design that you request, taking into account that the modification is not at the basis of the design.
Rejection of a design may be due to one of the following reasons:
– The design is contrary to morals and ethics.
– The design harms the company’s reputation.
– The design violates business rules.

We provide one model for designs, and we do not provide more than one model.